Set of Cliff Hanger Arcade Game Logic Boards

This is a set of Cliff Hanger logic boards by Stern. You get the CPU board and the video processing/audio board which is all you need as far as boards go to play the game. You are buying these as-is and they are untested and incomplete. You are getting the two boards pictured below, nothing else. They are missing all of the socketed chips. You will need roms, rams, a Z80, and a TMS9128NL video processing chip for starters. Cliff Hanger is a laser disc game and you will need a Pioneer PR-8210 player, a disc, and wiring harness to play the game. You can find more information about what you will need, where things go, how to hook it up, etc. here.

The only form of payment I will accept is a US Postal money order available from your local Post Office. No other form of payment will be accepted. If you have any questions, please ask before bidding.

Winning bidder adds $10 to final price for USPS/UPS insured shipping. I must receive payment within 10 days of close of auction. If you cannot get payment to me within 10 days or are not serious then please DO NOT BID! I will leave negative feedbacks for those that do not honor their bid. Auction open to lower 48 US residents only. All transactions are final. No reserve. Thanks.

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