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This letter to the Foley's Regional Manager sums it up:

30 December, 1997

John McVlymonds
Foleyís Regional Manager
1110 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

Dear Mr. Vlymonds,

Recently I took and item to your Arlington store in an attempt to get a refund or store credit. After accepting the receipt, the clerk asked me for an driverís license which I declined to provide. The clerk then refused to continue the transaction at which point I requested to speak with the store manager. The store manager then came over and concurred with the clerk and the transaction was terminated.

I do not understand why I cannot return an item for which I have a receipt. What is the purpose of a receipt? I have never been asked to provide a driverís license to return an item at any other store. In what way are your products and a driverís license related?

Iím very disappointed in your driverís license policy and unless you can offer some reliable explanation as to how your products are related to a driverís license then I will conduct future business at stores that do not require a driverís license to shop at.


Colin Kraft